Ben Freiband

I like to make stuff, break stuff, learn stuff, and then do it all over again.



Hello! As you likely guessed from the giant header atop the page, I am Ben Freiband. I have two cats, Maxie and Columbus, and some human family members too.

I currently attend the University of Michigan College of Engineering with a major in Computer Science. I am an avid hackathon attendee, and greatly enjoy working both solo and with others to develop anything from mobile apps to websites. I recently co-founded ArborHacks, an organization dedicated to helping lower the entrance barriers to computer science education. We organized and held ArborHacks 1, a hackathon attended by 150 high school students, in December 2015.

Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I was lucky enough to attend MHacks 2 in my senior year of high school. I fell madly in love with the culture of learning and collaboration which I observed there, and from that point on it was a slippery, computer science-y slope to where I am now.


Full-Stack Development

Experienced in both front-end and back-end development; from server configuration to website creation.

iOS Development

Creation of apps for devices running iOS, in both Swift and Objective-C.


Knowledge of many languages and technologies is adaptable to a wide range of applications.


Being unafraid to draw on resources helps ensure that the final product is both well-made and maintainable.

Let's Chat!

I'd love to speak with you! Please feel free to contact me through any of the following mediums.